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Gestión de padrones electorales

The computer system includes a mobile application that manages the registry in each of the polling stations, installed on tablets, and a web application that centralizes the vote count to obtain the departmental provisional polling.


This system was based on the system previously made for the 2011 university elections, used in the Ceibalitas - which was then used for the elections of authorities of the Retirement and Pension Fund of University Professionals, and the elections of Sanitary Works of the State (OSE) - and adapted for use in tablets.

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Electoral Court



Pasaje de Lista ANEP-CEIBAL

The app allows each teacher to make a list from their cell phone:


- Select in which Council will list

- Register in the Login with username and password

- Select a center where the list will go

- Select a shift, a schedule and a group with the subject that dictates

- Open the class and register the marks corresponding to the students' attendance

- Send the marks so that they reach the corporate system of the Council.


Optionally allows:

- Select a Student from your groups

- Consult the assistance behavior of the last 30 days.


This app is very similar to the one used in tablets within the center, but it works exclusively online, so you must have an Internet connection to send the brands.


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ANEP – Ceibal Plan



Presupuesto Fácil UY

Easy Budget UY is a mobile application that allows you to view and consult data of the Budget and Accountability Laws of the Uruguayan State.


The application provides both citizens and legislators the possibility of:

  • Visualize each article together with its rationale and its cost
  • Have traceability of the articles in the different parliamentary stages
  • Visualize the total cost of the articles by different criteria
  • View the tables of the explanatory memorandum regarding aggregate budget analysis and subparagraphs

This application constitutes one more step in the Transparency objective of said institution.


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Ministry of Economy and Finance



Noticias en la Prensa:

Control de Asistencia en Enseñanza Media

The project, directed by Plan Ceibal, consisted in the development of a solution for the control of attendance in Secondary Education (Council of Secondary Education and Council of Technical and Professional Education). The solution consists of an application for tablets that interoperates with the systems of both institutions online and offline.


Pasaje de lista

Ceibal Plan