Compras Públicas

Sistema de Compras Pregón - Subasta inversa

This project consisted of the implementation of a module for the State Purchasing System of Uruguay in such a way that it implements the Pregón or Reverse Auction modality.

It is a procedure similar to an auction but in which, from a detailed and precise specification of the product to be acquired, the bidders bid by quoting decreasing prices in a period previously defined and published so that all interested parties have knowledge.

Some benefits that are expected to be achieved with this new procedure are:

- Increase the transparency of hiring.
- Reduce recruitment times.
- Facilitate the standardization of products acquired by the State.
- Allow suppliers to improve their offers in real time.



State procurement and contracting agency



Noticias en la Prensa:

Registro Único de Proveedores del Estado

The Unique Registry of Suppliers of the State of Uruguay is a platform that integrates, in a centralized database, the data of all the suppliers, in such a way that it can be used by the suppliers, the buyers and the organisms that can make decisions in based on quantitative data of this information system.


The system automates processes such as the registration of suppliers, the validation of documentation of suppliers, certificates such as being up to date with the General Tax Directorate, compliance with insurance laws, social benefits, among others.


The system includes both legal and physical, Uruguayan or foreign persons.


This system also allows other systems to interoperate through the Platform for Interoperability of the Electronic Government Platform of Uruguay.

Access to RUPE

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State procurement and contracting agency