Proyecto GURI

The Gurí Project consists of the implementation of a centralized information system that will allow the Unified Management of Information Registries for ANEP / CEP. This system will involve significant advantages, since it will improve the conditions of the student and teacher databases, the obtaining of statistical data at the national level, as well as a follow-up and control of the compulsory nature of the student's attendance. Being a technological advance, the new system will imply a reduction of time in the tasks and will allow secretaries and directors to engage in pedagogical activities, without having to devote extensive instances to administrative tasks. The systematization of data also contributes to improving the quality of responses when there are requests for information.

Presentación de Guri




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Vía Trabajo

The objective of this project was the construction of a labor intermediation platform that would allow employer companies, citizens and training entities to interact in order to cover the existing labor demand, supported by instruments provided by the National Employment Directorate.

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Ministry of Labor and Social Security – INEFOP




Pasaje de Lista ANEP-CEIBAL

The app allows each teacher to make a list from their cell phone:


- Select in which Council will list

- Register in the Login with username and password

- Select a center where the list will go

- Select a shift, a schedule and a group with the subject that dictates

- Open the class and register the marks corresponding to the students' attendance

- Send the marks so that they reach the corporate system of the Council.


Optionally allows:

- Select a Student from your groups

- Consult the assistance behavior of the last 30 days.


This app is very similar to the one used in tablets within the center, but it works exclusively online, so you must have an Internet connection to send the brands.


Capturas de pantalla de la aplicación

ANEP – Ceibal Plan



Control de Asistencia en Enseñanza Media

The project, directed by Plan Ceibal, consisted in the development of a solution for the control of attendance in Secondary Education (Council of Secondary Education and Council of Technical and Professional Education). The solution consists of an application for tablets that interoperates with the systems of both institutions online and offline.


Pasaje de lista

Ceibal Plan