Firma y certificación digital

Sistema de Declaraciones para la Junta de Transparencia y Ética Pública

The project aimed at the Design, Development, Implementation and related services of a Sworn Statement Management System that replaces and extends the functionalities of the current system. The project includes: Development of the system including the functionalities of the current system and the incorporation of new detected functionalities, as well as the improvement of several of the existing functionalities and that are detailed in Annex VI of the Specifications.


During the initial phase of the project, an analysis of the processes and functionalities will be carried out to determine and define the system's own functionalities, Development of a Payroll Presentation Module via web, Migration of current data, Training and Technological Transfer


Contracting: Agesic, Ministry of Economy and Finance.


National Budget Unit - Ministry of Economy and Finance


2011 - 2013

Gestión de Modificaciones Presupuestales

The objective of this project is to manage requests for budget modifications for the National Budget and Account Renditions. In this way, each of the sections (agencies) submits its application through the application and it is evaluated among the different institutions that participate in the process (MEF-UPN, MEF-CGN, OPP) generating the corresponding documentation in each case. The project includes an advanced electronic signature for signing the documents (reports) that are generated in each of the departments.

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Registro de Estado Civil

The objective of the Interconnection and modernization project of civil registration, identity and vital statistics processes is to interconnect and modernize the processes of civil identification, registration of civil status and generation of basic information on vital statistics through the strengthening of the institutions. (Interconnection between MSP, DNIC and DGREC) and the electronic issuance of new items, indexing and typing of existing records.


The project corresponding to the Management System of the Registry of Civil Status consists of the automation of the processes corresponding to the registration of the acts and facts linked to the civil status of the persons and the issuance of initial testimonies. The system includes the interconnection with other systems through the Electronic Government Platform. The scope of the project includes the development of the system. The administration of the infrastructure (communications, security, backups, among others) is carried out by the Ministry of Education and Culture.


Client: Office of Planning and Budget - Presidency of the Republic

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Civil Status Registration




Applet de Firma electrónica avanzada

The objective of this project was the construction of an applet for the incorporation of an advanced electronic signature in the applications developed for the Uruguayan State. This applet is intended to be in accordance with the provisions of current legislation regarding advanced electronic signature and security requirements for the development of electronic government.


The product is also available as public software of the Uruguayan government.

firma electrónica en una aplicaión

Agency for the Development of Electronic Government and the Information Society



Certificados de Origen Digital - Aladi

The Certification of Digital Origin (COD) in the scope of the ALADI is made up of a set of specifications, standards and technical procedures, which form the basis of an IT infrastructure, integrated by applications and electronic documents, which enables the recognition of the COD in the field of LAIA.

The objective of this project was to give continuity to the process initiated in the development and implementation of a Digital Origin Certification System (SCOD) in order to strengthen, improve and technologically optimize the functionalities of the System in the operation of the certification of digital origin of the member countries, through a service of technical excellence and with the level of quality, security and availability that is required.

The scope of the project included the analysis and redesign of the SCOD, the elaboration of the associated documentation, the training to the users, technical assistance and evolutionary maintenance of the system.


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Noticias en la Prensa:
  • SCOD Pilot Project

    The project of certificates of digital origin (COD Project) is a regional initiative that promotes the use of electronic and / or digital documents in international trade operations. In this case, it is the certification of the origin of the merchandise that is based on the certification by entities and that are in force within the scope of ALADI.