Instituto de Colonización

The National Institute of Colonization arises through Law No. 11,029 of January 12, 1948, as an autonomous entity with legal status capable of all the rights and obligations established by said law and other laws of the Nation.


The Institute is the ideal instrument to promote a rational subdivision of the land and its proper exploitation, seek the settlement and welfare of the rural worker, also promoting the increase and improvement of agricultural production. The general objective of the project is to design, implement, verify, validate, document, implant and train users in a System of Management and Development of Colonies, as well as to carry out a transfer of tools and knowledge to the Department of Systems Development in such a way that be able to continue with its development once the work of the offering company has been completed.


This system should support the technical and administrative tasks related to colonization with the aim of increasing the availability and integrity of information, increasing the efficiency, effectiveness and transparency of management; all this through the unification of information, and obtaining management indicators.


National Colonization Institute



Certificado Nacido Vivo

This system allows the management of the process of issuing the live birth certificate electronically. The system is used by doctors throughout the country, who by signing the certificate electronically, generate a registry in a centralized database at the Ministry of Public Health and make a request to the Civil Identification Office for the reservation of your identity document number.


In this way, an identification is obtained for the newborn and it is possible to obtain vital statistics data in real time.


This project was selected as a pilot project for the Electronic Government Platform, since it has a layer of web services that are consumed by the different organisms that must have knowledge of the existence of a new person in the country: Civil Status Registry, Social Security Bank, among others.


Ministry of Public Health – Uruguay



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Certificado de Defunción

The Medical Certificate of Death is a legal document signed by a medical professional when a death occurs. This document is necessary to initiate the procedures of burying the remains, before the funeral companies, the departmental necropolises and for the registration of the fact in the Civil Registry. The electronic issuance of the electronic Death Certificate (CDe) allows online transmission of the data to public and private institutions participating in the process, avoiding delays at a very delicate moment in the lives of the relatives of the deceased.


It also allows to separate the filiatoria data from medical data and thus ensure the confidentiality of the latter. The system is national in scope and is led by the Ministry of Public Health of Uruguay.


Client: Office of Planning and Budget


Ministry of Public Health


2009 - 2010

Registro Único de Juicios del Estado

The general objective of the computer system is to identify, typify and quantify all the lawsuits in which the State intervenes, be it an actor, defendant, third party, cited as a guarantee, among other characteristics.


It is a collaborative tool in which the different Uruguayan State agencies participate that register the trials and the data associated with them (hearings, precautionary measures, sentences, economic data), manage a collaborative agenda and a system of alerts


The project is led by the Ministry of Education and Culture and financed by the Program for Strengthening Budgetary Management of the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

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Ministry of Education and Culture

Ministerio de Economía y Finanzas



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Registro de Estado Civil

The objective of the Interconnection and modernization project of civil registration, identity and vital statistics processes is to interconnect and modernize the processes of civil identification, registration of civil status and generation of basic information on vital statistics through the strengthening of the institutions. (Interconnection between MSP, DNIC and DGREC) and the electronic issuance of new items, indexing and typing of existing records.


The project corresponding to the Management System of the Registry of Civil Status consists of the automation of the processes corresponding to the registration of the acts and facts linked to the civil status of the persons and the issuance of initial testimonies. The system includes the interconnection with other systems through the Electronic Government Platform. The scope of the project includes the development of the system. The administration of the infrastructure (communications, security, backups, among others) is carried out by the Ministry of Education and Culture.


Client: Office of Planning and Budget - Presidency of the Republic

captura de pantalla del sistema de Registro Civil

Civil Status Registration