Sistema de Gestión del Labotorio de la Dinama

The Environmental Laboratory of the Dinama has among its main tasks to generate information that allows the environmental assessment and pollution control, the execution of actions of different programs of the Divisions of the National Directorate of the Environment, and the measure of their effectiveness, sustaining making decisions and providing reliable information to society.


The objective of the project was the construction of a full-web computer system that automates the management processes of said institution and the issuance of reports.


In addition, functionalities are included for loading data from external laboratories and interoperation with other areas of the institution.


Dynama Environmental Lab



Sistema de Información Ambiental de la DINAMA

The objective of the consultancy is the development of the Environmental Information System, including the development, adjustment, optimization and start-up. The system includes the handling of procedures that are presented in the Control, Impact and Quality divisions of DINAMA. It is intended to allow an efficient use of information and resources, improving the internal management and the quality of attention to the users of DINAMA. The system allows, not only the exchange of information between the different divisions of the DINAMA but also between the National Divisions of the MVOTMA.

captura de pantalla del Sistema de Información Ambiental de la DINAMA