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Visualizador de Proyectos de Montevideo

This solution is based on the Siges tool. Siges is a public access tool, provided by Agesic and developed by Sofis Solutions (SP 15/2013) that allows the monitoring and control of programs and projects of an organization.


With this application any citizen can use the system to manage their project, managing the main areas of knowledge: schedule, scope, acquisitions, risks, stakeholders, partners, quality, among others.

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Montevideo Administration



Noticias en la Prensa:

Sistema “Tu Municipio” – Programa REALIZAR 2011

The objective of the political initiative is to democratize the decision-making processes of works that have a direct impact on the lives of citizens. At the same time it is intended to contribute to the process of institutional and citizen legitimation of the City Halls, to collaborate in the realization of works that improve the living conditions of the population.


The purpose of the system is to register the operation of the mayor's project and the status of the works carried out from it. Its main functions are: User registration and administration, Receiving and answering queries, Call management: Submit proposals, Evaluate proposals and select those to be put to popular consideration, Make the choice of proposals by citizens, See and make comments on the proposals presented, Interaction with social networks.


Ministry of Transportation and Public Works



Documentos Relacionados:

Sistema de Declaraciones para la Junta de Transparencia y Ética Pública

The project aimed at the Design, Development, Implementation and related services of a Sworn Statement Management System that replaces and extends the functionalities of the current system. The project includes: Development of the system including the functionalities of the current system and the incorporation of new detected functionalities, as well as the improvement of several of the existing functionalities and that are detailed in Annex VI of the Specifications.


During the initial phase of the project, an analysis of the processes and functionalities will be carried out to determine and define the system's own functionalities, Development of a Payroll Presentation Module via web, Migration of current data, Training and Technological Transfer


Contracting: Agesic, Ministry of Economy and Finance.


National Budget Unit - Ministry of Economy and Finance


2011 - 2013

Sistema de Gestión de la Biblioteca del Palacio Legislativo

The project consisted in the analysis, design, implementation and implementation of the works management system of the Legislative Palace Library, magazines and newspapers (national and international).


In the case of magazines and newspapers, the main contents of the system are typed. The system includes the inclusion of scanned book covers and incorporates a powerful information search engine by different criteria and combination of them.


Legislative Power



Comunidad Virtual para el Plan Senda

The Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA) signed an agreement with the Multi-lateral Investment Fund (MIF) of the IDB, the International Development Research Center (IDRC), and the Municipality of Montevideo, with the objective of improving competitiveness and productivity of SMEs operating in the Model Market, through the Democratization of Access to Information in the Model Market.

Within the framework of the Project to achieve this objective, it is foreseen the development of a virtual communication that provides information on product offer and trends, access to training, technical assistance and technology transfer mechanisms, which will allow the use of the information potential available as an instrument of support for strategic decision making.

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