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Sistema Integrado de Datos de Iberoamérica sobre Cooperación Sur-Sur y Triangular

The objective of this system is to register cooperation initiatives in the context of Horizontal South-South Cooperation and Triangular Cooperation. The system allows the registration of different cooperation modalities, information export, processing and visualization through different graphic reports. It is projected that the SIDICSS can combine criteria for the registration of cases, be the reference system and the one that facilitates the import of data from the national platforms to the regional one. The tool replaces the questionnaire to collect the inputs for the preparation of the South-South Cooperation Report that was used in the past 7 years and represents a new platform that can be adopted by countries that do not yet have adequate registration systems or it will have to be linked to the existing records in each country.


In the month of August 2015, a workshop was held in Mexico City, in which the Ibero-American countries participated. This workshop aimed to train the Ibero-American cooperation managers in the use of the Integrated Data System in Ibero-America on South-South and Triangular Cooperation (SIDICSS).


"The Ibero-American Program for the Strengthening of South-South Cooperation has its origins in a mandate of the Program of Action of the XVII Ibero-American Summit of Santiago de Chile, in 2007. Its approval was made within the framework of the XVIII Summit of San Salvador, in November 2008. Its implementation was carried out during the first quarter of 2010. The Program has 20 member countries and its highest governance body is the Intergovernmental Technical Committee made up of those responsible for cooperation in these 20 countries.


As it is a Summit Program, the Ibero-American General Secretariat ensures its good development and supports its execution. "

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Ibero-American Program for Strengthening South-South Cooperation



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