Presupuesto y Gestión por Resultados

Presupuesto Fácil UY

Easy Budget UY is a mobile application that allows you to view and consult data of the Budget and Accountability Laws of the Uruguayan State.


The application provides both citizens and legislators the possibility of:

  • Visualize each article together with its rationale and its cost
  • Have traceability of the articles in the different parliamentary stages
  • Visualize the total cost of the articles by different criteria
  • View the tables of the explanatory memorandum regarding aggregate budget analysis and subparagraphs

This application constitutes one more step in the Transparency objective of said institution.


Splash de la aplicación

Ministry of Economy and Finance



Noticias en la Prensa:

Sistema de Presentación de Articulado

The objective of this system is to formulate and follow up the articles for the preparation of the National Budget Law Project and the follow-up in each of the chambers and instances.


The system is used by the users of the different sections to enter the proposals for articles, make the submission for evaluation and follow it in the different instances. Additionally, the system generates documents (electronic spreadsheets and text documents) with the costs and texts of articles.


AGESIC for the Ministry of Economy and Finance



Gestión de Modificaciones Presupuestales

The objective of this project is to manage requests for budget modifications for the National Budget and Account Renditions. In this way, each of the sections (agencies) submits its application through the application and it is evaluated among the different institutions that participate in the process (MEF-UPN, MEF-CGN, OPP) generating the corresponding documentation in each case. The project includes an advanced electronic signature for signing the documents (reports) that are generated in each of the departments.

captura de pantalla de GEMAP