Registro civil

Registro de Estado Civil

The objective of the Interconnection and modernization project of civil registration, identity and vital statistics processes is to interconnect and modernize the processes of civil identification, registration of civil status and generation of basic information on vital statistics through the strengthening of the institutions. (Interconnection between MSP, DNIC and DGREC) and the electronic issuance of new items, indexing and typing of existing records.


The project corresponding to the Management System of the Registry of Civil Status consists of the automation of the processes corresponding to the registration of the acts and facts linked to the civil status of the persons and the issuance of initial testimonies. The system includes the interconnection with other systems through the Electronic Government Platform. The scope of the project includes the development of the system. The administration of the infrastructure (communications, security, backups, among others) is carried out by the Ministry of Education and Culture.


Client: Office of Planning and Budget - Presidency of the Republic

captura de pantalla del sistema de Registro Civil

Civil Status Registration